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About Us


The company has assembled an outstanding team of executive management consisting of Mr. Edward Nixon, Chairman of the Board, our visionary and policy leader. Augmented with a senior level management team consisting of Paul Lu, CA, MBA, director in several public companies. John Wong professional engineer with a masters degree in international business. Larry Dykers with extensive metallurgical background and steel industry expertise. The team will be responsible for heat treatment plant design, project management, technology licensing, marketing and sales. Other key personnel will be utilized to assist in feasibility and environmental assessments, permitting, engineering and construction. The combined expertise of this management team encompasses over 100 years of steel industry experience.


Virina management has many years of diverse steel and general business experience. The scope of the Virina team experience in design and construction, steel plant design, and project management brings a depth of experience. In particular, the Virina Team offers unique experience in analyzing customer needs for technology licensing and joint ventures.


The company was formed with a the specific focus and approach that leverages a unique and revolutionary steel product. A Management Team consisting of Virina key personnel that provide clients with the technically competent and experienced personnel to complete various work scopes and assure the success of the steel plant production to the highest standards to produce the steel.


The Virina staff has a diverse steel, operating, planning and construction experience. Virina also has an in-depth understanding of the steel industry. We bring a proven ability to help the Clients develop a plan for identifying its steel production and marketing as well as identifying the least-cost options using the leading steel technology from Virina. By choosing Virina, the Customer will be able to effectively integrate and operate its steel facilities in a cost-effective manner, reduce costs and produce a high quality steel.


Virina has the in-house expertise for steel production customers who are looking for the latest technology to respond to the ongoing changes in the steel industry. Virina serves as the client’s agent enabling the client to control their own destiny, increase profits, reduce emissions and minimize costs. Virina personnel are experts on steel and the related steel infrastructure to provide the optimum steel product solution.


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