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VIRINA Steel Nano Technology Grinding Balls:


The first turnkey product VIRINA is offering are VIRINA Steel Nano Technology Grinding Balls for the Cement and Mining Industries. The consistent hardness from surface to core of the VIRINA Steel Nano Technology Grinding Balls provides an industry changing competitive advantage over the current products in the marketplace.


VIRINA Nano Technology Grinding Balls have received rapid acceptance in the Cement Industry in Taiwan and China during the initial product release and this success is highly anticipated to continue throughout the worldwide Cement and Minining Industries. VIRINA is now the fastest growing supplier to the US and Mexico grinding market in 2016 with continued worldwide expansion underway.



VIRINA Grinding Ball Benefits and Test Results:


VIRINA Steel Grinding Balls are made by using a proprietary combination of alloy elements to create a high carbon steel. Billets of this steel are forged while using a proprietary heat-treating and cooling process. This process provides the high impact, minimal deformation and extended wear properties of VIRINA Steel Grinding Balls.


VS Balls after 12 months

SGS MSi Testing and Engineering  

Uniform Grain Size of Under 2 µm

Hardness Surface to Core HRC

Virina Steel Grinding Ball Case Study - Conducted by Anhui Conch Cement

  • VS grinding balls vs high chrome grinding balls, using two 4.2m x 14.5m ball mills

  • Machine #1: Initial load of 240 MT using VS grinding balls 

  • Machine #2: Initial load of 259 MT using high chrome balls

  • Six month test period


Post Production Inspection

Virina Steel Grinding Balls


•59/60 HRC from core to surface

•Retained shape throughout test

•80 mm ball reduced to 49mm (left)

•50 mm ball reduced to 27mm (right)

Competitor 14% Chrome Balls


•6 Month test cycle

•80 mm ball reduced to 40 mm

•Deformed Shape

Case Study Results


•VS uses 7.5% less balls in weight

    –VS load 240 MT

    –Competitor load 259 MT

•VS power consumption7.4% less

    –VS 42.37 kwh/t with average current of 388A

    –Competitor 44.23 kwh/t with average current of 400A

•VS average output is 8.5% greater

    –VS Average output - 127.97 t/h

    –Competitor average output - 117.98 t/h

•VS grinding balls show a 9.1% decrease in wear rate

    –VS average wear rate - 17.84 g/t

    –Competitor average wear rate - 19.61 g/t



Virina Steel Grinding Balls Benefits

•Reduced ball weight in mill

•Extended ball life

•Processing mill consumes less energy

•Increased production

•Reduced down time

•Reduced labor

•Increased profit

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