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Our steel includes the following, each type with a range of strength starting with 800 MPa tensile and 600 MPa yield all the way to 2000 MPa tensile strength with 1600 MPa yield strength. In terms of stainless steel, we offer from 1000 MPa to 1500 MPa strength grades.


1. Weldable structural steel

    a. 800 to 1200 MPa tensile, 80% yield and good ductility
    b. All standard welding methods can be used.


2. Corrosion resistant structural steel (somewhat like weathering steel but LESS surface rust)

    a. 800 to 1200 Ma tensile, 80% yield and good ductility
    b. Will develop surface rust patina (very thin layer or rust, looks like a very light purple layer). This rust coating protects the steel           from further rusting.
    c. Welding will require Virina powder welding rod to maintain corrosion resistant character in the weld joint area.


3. High strength corrosion resistant, abrasion resistant, high fatigue resistant structural steel

    a. 1400 to 2000 MPa tensile with 80% yield and good ductility.
    b. Require proprietary welding rod to maintain welding joint corrosion resistant property


4. High strength machine steel

    a. 800 to 1200 MPa machine steel and free-cutting machine steel.


5. High strength stainless steel

    a. Available from 1000 to 1500 MPa.

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