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High Strength Rebar

Corrosion Resistant.  High-Strength. Over 100-Year Service Life.


Independent tests show that Virina Steel provides double or triple the strength of conventional steel. It also provides five times more corrosion-resistance than conventional steel and is superior to products such as epoxy-coated rebar (ECR) and galvanized rebar.  These advantages result in structures with more than a century of service life, as verified by a number of scientific, third-party studies on life cycle costs.

Stainless steel rebar provides favorable corrosion-resistance properties.  However, up front costs that are two to three times higher make it an uneconomical option – even when considering 75-year service life and in comparing life cycle costs, as shown below.




Virina Steel rebar meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM A615 (Grades 75 [520] and 80 [550]), ASTM A1035 (Grades 100 [690] and 120 [830]), and AASHTO MP 18 (Grade 100), enabling structural engineers to improve the way buildings, highways, and bridges are designed and built.


Historical strength requirements for Grade 60 conventional steel customarily dictated 60 ksi (420 MPa) or Grade 80 dictated 80 ksi (550 MPa). Virina Steel by comparison, establishes today’s steel standard at minimum yield strengths of up to 145 ksi (1000 MPa).


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