The Virina Grinding Ball Advantage

  • Ultra fine grain micro-structure balls have much higher abrasion and wear resistance

  • Through hardness core @ 63 HRC

  • Annual wear rate @ 1.6 mm

  • 50% less top off

  • Zero deformation and zero defects

  • Higher production

  • Lower energy consumption

  • Sorting not necessary

  • Extend liner life

US Patent 13/873,838 filed in 2013 for Nano Technology Steel Formula and Process. Additional Claims filed in 2019.

A major cement plant with twin mills and newly installed liners conducted a head to head comparison of wear rate and liner life between Virina Balls and Brand X.   

Finer the micro-structure, the better sliding abrasion and impact resistance. The high ductility eliminates cracking and chipping. 

New Virina cast ball is 80mm. 

After two years, it wore down to 76.2mm

VS no deform.jpg

Brand X with conventional coarse non-homogeneous micro-structure core hardness @ 56 HRC resulting in cracking and chipping - then deformation.  

Deformed balls lower production output, wastes energy, shortens ball life and shortens the life of the liner. 

brand x deform.jpg

The Cement Plant switched out 28 tons of 90mm balls for top off to: 90mm, 80mm, 70mm and 60mm. The 28 tons are good for four years after top off. 

After two years:

Round balls only

No deformation

VS balls in chamber.jpg

After two years:
70mm to 66.8mm
80mm to 76.8mm
90mm to 86.8mm
Annual wear rate @ 1.6mm

VS wear rate 2 years.jpg

For many years Cement Plants have paid for Brand X rejects. 

Brand X with 5% rejects at the end of year one. 

Percentage of rejects from the original charge will increase over the next three years

brand x 5 years.jpg

After two years, most Brand X balls are no longer round. Keeping these deformed balls will waste energy and decrease production. 

In years four and five, may need a fresh charge. 

brand x fresh charge.jpg

Virina has the only grinding ball with through hardness from core to surface @63 HRC

Stays round without any deformation

Crushes and grinds much better than any other brand on the market

SGS Report VS.jpg

Brand X without through hardness and coarse grain core @ 52 HRC

Too soft to crush and grind material efficiently 

Waste energy tumbling deformed balls

SGS Report Brand X.jpg

Virina's perfectly round nano grinding balls will not deform for the life of the balls and will not damage the liner lifters. 

This may extend the liner life by 2x

Round balls follow a predictable parabolic trajectory into the cataracting and impact zone for maximum crushing and grinding efficiency.

They will also roll over each other grinding the
materials in the shearing and tumbling zone.
Deformed balls will have an unpredictable trajectory and at times will damage the shelf of the lifter. 

A deformed ball will slide on the liner surface and cause ball run. 

The useful life of the lifter shelf determines the life of the liner, not the thickness. Most mills use only 25% of the liner weight before replacement 


Virina nano grinding balls for your plant

  • Buy a fresh charge only once

  • Reduce top off by 50%

  • Balls will stay round

  • Through hardness @ 63 HRC

  • Extend ball life

  • No splitzer to remove

  • No rejects to remove

  • No annual sorting

  • Increase production

  • Decrease energy consumption

  • Decrease labor hours

  • Extend liner life

  • Improve cement fineness 

Suggest loading  11 tons of 90 mm balls for the 1st chamber and 11 tons of 50 mm for the 2nd chamber.

Calibrate or weigh the used ball at every stoppage.

After 12 months of a successful test then consider a full charge. 
With full charge in both chambers, production output shall increase by 10+% with an energy reduction by 3%.

10 years free replacement of deformed grinding balls.

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